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SBA-Hammer   The Hammer (download only)
BT-Hammer   The Hammer (downloadable)
BT-islandsong   The Island Song
SBA-lionsleep   The Lion Sleeps Tonight (download only)
BT-lionsleeps   The Lion Sleeps Tonight (downloadable)
SBA-lordblessyou   The Lord Bless You and Keep You (download only)
SBA-Lordspray   The Lord's Prayer (download only)
PAB-panoramic   The Panoramic View by Aaron Cote (download)
SBA-pinkpanther   The Pink Panther (download only)
BT-soundofs   The Sound of Silence (downloadable)
SBA-SSB   The Star Spangled Banner (download only)
SBA-tide   The Tide is High (download only)
BT-tideishigh   The Tide is High (Downloadable)
SBA-virgin-mary   The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy (download only)
PAB-enchiladapdf   The Whole Enchilada (download only)
SBA-enchilada   The Whole Enchilada (download only)
PAB-wholeenchiladadown   The Whole Enchilada (download)
SBA-powerblood   There is Power in the Blood (download only)
SBA-tico   Tico Tico (download only)
BT-tico   Tico Tico (downloadable)
SBA-tiki   Tiki Party
BT-tilltherewasyou   Till There Was You (downloadable)
BT-tingalayo   Tingalayo(downloadable)
BT-tinybubbles   Tiny Bubbles (downloadable)
SBA-tinybub   Tiny Bubbles (download only)
SBA-To-God   To God Be the Glory (download only)
BT-togod   To God be the Glory (downloadable)
SBA-tobjam   Tobago Jam (download only)
BT-tobagojam   Tobago Jam (downloadable)
SBA-trinibone   Trini 2D bone (download only)
SBA-trinitimefull   Trini Time (download only)
JPT-trinitime   Trini Time (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
A-TSPpolo   Tropical Shores Steel drum Polo
CD-tropicalwave   Tropical Wave CD (download)
SBA-boardwalk   Under the Boardwalk (download only)
BT-undertheboardwalk   Under the Boardwalk (downloadable)
SBA-UnderDblEagle   Under The Double Eagle (download only)
SBA-under-the-sea   Under the Sea (download only)
BT-underthesea   Under the Sea (Downloadable)
JPT-underneathG   Underneath the Mango Tree (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-underneath   Underneath the Mango Tree (downloadable)
SBA-Urban   Urban Spice (download only)
SBA-Victory   Victory in Jesus (download only)
BT-vidanueva   Vida Nueva (downloadable)
SBA-Volcano   Volcano (download only)
BT-volcano   Volcano (downloadable)
BT-Waiting   Waiting in Vain(downloadable)
BT-wave   Wave (downloadable)
SBA-wearefamily   We are Family (download only)
SBA-wewishyou   We Wish You/Angels We Have Heard (download only)
SBA-what-a-wonderful   What a Wonderful World (download only)
BT-whatawonderful   What a Wonderful World (downloadable)
SBA-whatchild   What Child is this/Carol of the Bells (download only)
BT-whatchild   What Child is This/Carol of the Bells (downloadable)
SBA-whitechristmas   White Christmas (download only)
BT-Whitechristmas   White Christmas (downloadable)
JPT-whitesandsG   White Sand (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-whitesand   White Sands (download only)
BT-whocaniturnto   Who Can I Turn To (downloadable)
SBA-Whole   Whole Enchilada
SBA-William-Tell   William Tell Overture
SBA-winterwonder   Winter Wonderland (download only)
BT-winterwonder   Winter Wonderland (downloadable)
SBA-yellowsub   Yellow Submarine (download only)
SBA-Yellowbird   Yellowbird (download only)
JPT-yellowbirdg   Yellowbird (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-yellowbird   Yellowbird (downloadable)
BT-youarethesunshine   You Are the Sunshine of My Life (downloadable)
SBA-youdontknow   You Don't Know You're Beautiful (download only)
BT-youmakemefeel   You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (downloadable)
SBA-youmakemefeel   You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (downloadable)
SBA-Yoursocool   You're So Cool (download only)
SBA-Zombie   Zombie Jamboree (download only)

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Copyright ©  Tropical Shores Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Built with Volusion