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SBA-jesuslovesme   Jesus Loves Me (download only)
JPT-jesuslovesmeG   Jesus Loves Me (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-jinglerock   Jingle Bell Rock (download only)
SBA-Jingle   Jingle Bells (download only)
BT-jinglebells   Jingle Bells(downloadable)
SBA-JollyOld   Jolly Old St. Nick (download only)
SBA-joytotheworldfull   Joy to the World/Good King (download only)
BT-joyful   Joyful Joyful (downloadable)
PAB-joyfulnoise   Joyful Noise by Aaron Cote (download)
SBA-jumpline   Jump in the Line (download only)
BT-jumpup   Jump Up (downloadable)
SBA-jumpinj   Jumpin J (download only)
BT-jumpinj   Jumpin J (downloadable)
SBA-justacloser   Just a Closer Walk with Thee (download only)
BT-justacloserwalk   Just a closer Walk with Thee (downloadable)
BT-justcantwait   Just Can't Wait to be King (downloadable)
SBA-justnow   Just Now (download only)
JPT-justnowG   Just Now (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-Just-right   Just Right Reggae (download only)
BT-justthetwoofus   Just the Two of Us (downloadable)
BT-kamalani   Kamalani (downloadable)
BT-kingston   Kingston Town (downloadable)
SBA-Kiss-girl   Kiss the Girl (download only)
BT-kissthegirl   Kiss the Girl (downloadable)
SBA-KitchMed   Kitchener Medley (download only)
SBA-knock3times   Knock 3 Times (download only)
BT-knock3times   Knock 3 Times (downloadable track)
SBA-kokomo   Kokomo (download only)
BT-kokomo   Kokomo (downloadable)
SBA-La-Bamba   La Bamba (download only)
BT-labamba   La Bamba (downloadable)
SBA-lacucka   La Cuckaracha (download only)
BT-laisla   La Isla Bonita (downloadable)
BT-leanonme   Lean on Me (downloadable)
SBA-leaning   Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (download only)
BT-lemontree-   Lemon Tree (downloadable)
BT-letitsnow   Let It Snow (downloadable)
BT-lightfootin   Light Footin' (downloadable)
SBA-limbo   Limbo Rock (download only)
JPT-limborockG   Limbo Rock (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
JPT-listeadmarketG   Linstead Market (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-littlelinda   Little Linda (downloadable)
BT-steeldrummer   Little Steel Drummer Boy (downloadable)
SBA-Lord-I-lift   Lord, I Lift Your name on High
SBA-Majesty   Majesty (download only)
BT-MamboIta   Mambo Italiano
BT-mangowalk   Mango Walk(downloadable)
SBA-Marche   Marche Militaire (download only)
SBA-Marchinglight   Marching in the Light of God (download only)
SBA-mardi   Mardi Gras Mambo
SBA-Marg   Margaritaville (download only)
BT-margaritaville   Margaritaville (downloadable)
SBA-marianne   Marianne (download only)
SBA-marketwoman   Market Woman (download only)
BT-marketwoman   Market Woman (downloadable)
JPT-maryannG   Mary Ann (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-marydidyouknow   Mary Did You Know (download)
SBA-marysboy   Mary's Little Boy Child (download only)
BT-maryann   Maryann (downloadable track)
SBA-matilda   Matilda (download)
JPT-matildaG   Matilda (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-matilda   Matilda (downloadable)
SBA-Mele   Mele Kalikimaka (download only)
BT-merengue   Merengue No. 1 (downloadable)
SBA-compadre   Mi compadre Juan (download only)
SBA-miamibeach   Miami Beach Rumba (download only)
PP-miamibeach   Miami Beach Rumba (download only) PanPlay arrangement
BT-MiamiBeach   Miami Beach Rumba (downloadable)
SBA-midmorning   Mid Morning Mambo (download only)
SBA-minorproblems   Minor Problems (download only)
BT-montigomoon   Montigo Moon (downloadable track)
JPT-montigomoong   Montigo Moon (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-moondance   Moondance (downloadable)
SBA-moonlight   Moonlight in Vermont (download only)
BT-morningdance   Morning Dance (downloadable)
SBA-Mis-Tango   Mosquito Tango (download only)
SBA-Neveronsunday   Never on Sunday (download only)
BT-neveronsunday   Never on Sunday (downloadable)
BT-nowoman   No Woman No Cry (downloadable)
SBA-nowoman   No Woman, No Cry (download only)
SBA-Christmastree   O Christmas Tree (download only)
SBA-ocomeemm   O Come O Come Emmanuel (download only)
SBA-o-happy   O Happy Day (download only)
SBA-oholynight   O Holy Night (download only)
JPT-odetojoyG   Ode to Joy (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-oh-come-faithful   Oh Come All Ye Faithful (download only)
SBA-Oh-How-   Oh How He Loves You and Me (download only)
SBA-oldladywalk   Old Lady Walk a Mile and a Half (download only)
BT-oldlady   Old Lady Walk a Mile and a Half (downloadable)
BT-onceagain   Once Again (downloadable)
SBA-One-for-the-boys   One for the Boys (download only)
BT-onefortheboys   One for the Boys (downloadable)
SBA-onelove   One Love (download only)
BT-onelove   One Love (downloadable track)
BT-overtherainbowconnect   Over the Rainbow Connection (downloadable)
SBA-oye   Oye Como Va (download only)
BT-oye   Oye Como Va (downloadable)
BT-paninaminor   Pan in A Minor (downloadable)
PABD-pantunes1   Pan tunes 1 downloadable version
PABD1-pantunes1down   Pan tunes 1 downloadable version
PAB-pantunes10down   Pan tunes 10 (downloable version)
PABD-pantunes10-   Pan tunes 10 downloadable version
PABD-pantunes2down   Pan tunes 2 downloadable version
PABD-pantunes3down   Pan tunes 3 downloadable version
PABD-pantunes4   Pan tunes 4 downloadable version
PABD-pantunes5   Pan tunes 5 downloadable version
PABD-pantunes6   Pan tunes 6 downloadable version
PABD-pantunes7   Pan tunes 7 downloadable version
PABD-pantunes8   Pan tunes 8 downloadable version
PAB-pantunes9down   Pan tunes 9 (download only)
PAB-bundledownloadnew   Pan Tunes Bundle (download) new
PABtop40down   Pan Tunes Top 40 (downloadable)
SBA-panfare   Panfare (download only)
SBA-pans-gone   Pans Gone Wild (download only)
BT-patapan   Patapan Medley (downloadable)
BT-patriots   Patriot's Medley (downloadable)
JPT-peacelikeariverG   Peace Like a River (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-perfidia   Perfidia (download only)
BT-perfidia   Perfidia (downloadable)
PAB-putitbehindyou   Put It Behind You by Aaron Cote (download only)
SBA-Quando   Quando, Quando, Quando (download only)
BT-quando   Quando, Quando, Quando (Downloadable)
BT-quietnights   Quiet Nights Under Quiet Stars
SBA-radetsky   Radetsky March (download only)
SBA-Red-red-wine   Red Red Wine (download only)
BT-redredwine   Red Red Wine (downloadable)
SBA-reggae-blues   Reggae Blues (download lonly)
BT-reggaeblues   Reggae Blues (Downloadable)
SBA-remote   Remote Possibilities (download only)
BT-rocktheboat   Rock the Boat (downloadable)
SBA-rockinaround   Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (download only)
SBA-Rudolph   Rudolph the Reggae Reindeer (download only)
JPT-rumandocaG   Rum and Coca Cola (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-sambadeo   Samba de Orpheu (downloadable)
SBA-santabb   Santa Baby (download only)
SBA-santafesoca   Santa Fe Soca (download only)
SBA-Santa-House   Santa in the House (download only)
SBA-savedance   Save the Last Dance for Me (download only)
BT-savedance   Save the Last Dance for Me (downloadable)
pab-seabreeze   Sea Breeze by Aaron Abrahamson Cote
pab-seabreezedown   Sea Breeze by Aaron Abrahamson Cote (downloadable)
BT-seajam   Sea Jam (downloadable)
BT-sept   September (downloadable)
JPT-shakesenoraG   Shake Senora (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-shakesenora   Shake Senora (downloadable)
JPT-shallwegatherG   Shall We Gather at the River (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-shineJesus   Shine, Jesus, Shine (download only)
SBA-shout   Shout to the Lord (download only)
SBA-silent   Silent Night (download only)
SBA-Silver-bells   Silver Bells (download only)
BT-silverbells   Silver Bells (downloadable)
SBA-siyha   Siyahamba (Marching in the Light of God) (download only)
SBA-sleighride   Sleigh Ride (download only)
BT-slymongoose   Sly Mongoose (downloadable)
SBA-sodanco   So Danco Samba (download only)
BT-sodanco   So Danco Samba (downloadable)
SBA-somethingstupid   Something Stupid Like I Love You (download only)
BT-somewhere   Somewhere (downloadable)
SBA-somewhere   Somewhere Over the Rainbow (download only)
BT-somewhereover   Somewhere over the Rainbow (downloadable)
CD-Praise   Songs of Praise Cd (download)
CD-sounds   Sounds of the Island (download)
SBA-spanisheyes   Spanish Eyes (download only)
BT-spanisheyes   Spanish Eyes (downloadable)
SBA-spanishflea   Spanish Flea (download only)
SBA-Spanharlem   Spanish Harlem (download only)
BT-spanishharlem   Spanish Harlem (downloadable)
SBA-sparkys   Sparky's Revenge (download only)
SBA-spin   Spin Cycle (download only)
PAB-splashofsunlight   Splash of Sunlight (download)
SBA-St-Thomas   St Thomas (download only)
BT-stthomas   St. Thomas (downloadable)
SBA-standbyme   Stand by Me (download only)
BT-standbyme   Stand by Me (downloadable)
CD-paradise   Steel drum paradise CD (download)
SBA-steeldrummer   Steel Drummer Boy (download only)
SBA-Steelin   Steelin the Blues (download only)
SBA-stir   Stir it Up (download only)
BT-stiritup   Stir it Up (downloadable track)
JPT-stiritupg   Stir It Up (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-SuesBlues   Sue's Blues (downloadable)
SBA-sugar-bum   Sugar Bum Bum (download only)
JPT-sugarbumbumG   Sugar Bum Bum (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-Sugarbum   Sugar Bum Bum (downloadable)
SBA-sunroof   Sunroof
BT-sunshine   Sunshine Island (downloadable)
SBA-sway   Sway (download only)
BT-sway   Sway (downloadable)
SBA-sweetsugar   Sweet Sugar Cane (download only)
BT-sweetsugar   Sweet Sugar Cane (downloadable)
SBA-synco   Synco Samba (download only)
BT-synco   Synco Samba (downloadable)
SBA-tequila   Tequila (download only)
PP-tequila   Tequila (download only) PanPlay arrangement
BT-tequila   Tequila (downloadable)
CD-thatislandfeeling   That Island Feeling
SBA-banana-boat   The Banana Boat Song (download only)
SBA-Christmassong   The Christmas Song (download only)
SBA-firstnoel   The First Noel/Away in the Manger (download only)
BT-firstnoel   The First Noel/Away in the Manger (downloadable)

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Copyright ©  Tropical Shores Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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