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PAB-christmasdown   20 Christmas Favorites for steel drum (download only)
PAB-christmas2down   20 Christmas Favorites for steel drum volume 2 downloadable
PABD-20songspraisedown   20 Songs of Praise-downloadable
SBA-3littlebirds   3 Little Birds
BT-3littlebirds-   3 Little Birds (downloadable)
BT-aminordetail   A Minor Detail (downloadable)
CD-Christmas   A Steel Drum Christmas CD (download)
JPT-abidewithmeG   Abide With Me (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-Again-i-say   Again I Say Rejoice (download only)
BT-allinthetiming   All in the Timing (downloadable)
SBA-alpha   Alpha Bossa (download only)
JPT-amazinggrace   Amazing Grace (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-americamed   America Medley (download only)
BT-americanmed   American Medley (downloadable)
SBA-americanpatrol   American Patrol (download only)
BT-andiloveher   And I Love Her (downloadable)
BT-argelmorning   Angel of the Morning (downloadable)
BT-angelina   Angelina (downloadable)
BT-angels-ding   Angels We Have Heard on High/Ding Dong Merrily on High (downloadable)
SBA-Anna   Anna (download only)
BT-Anna   Anna (downloadable)
SBA-Archie   Archie (download only)
SBA-armedforces   Armed Forces Medley (download only)
BT-armedforces   Armed Forces Medley (downloadable)
BT-bahia   Bahia Girl (Downloadable)
SBA-baja   Baja (download only)
JPT-bajaG   Baja (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-Baja-   Baja (downloadable)
BT-bananaboat   Banana Boat (downloadable)
JPT-bananaboatG   Banana Boat Song (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-bananafunk   Banana funk (download only)
SBA-bananawind   Banana Wind (download only)
BT-bananawind   Banana Wind (downloadable)
SBA-barnum   Barnum and Bailey's Favorite (download only)
BT-barometersoup   Barometer Soup
BT-batty   Batty Mamselle (downloadable)
SBA-begin   Begin the Beguine (download only)
PAB-begtunes1down   Beginning Tunes for Steel Drums Vol 1 (download only)
PAB-begtunes2down   Beginning Tunes for Steel Drums Vol 2 (download only)
SBA-besame   Besame Mucho (download only)
BT-besame   Besame Mucho (downloadable)
BT-Blackorpheus   Black Orpheus (Downloadable)
SBA-bluemoon   Blue Moon (download only)
SBA-Blue-samba   Blue Samba (download only)
BT-bluesamba   Blue Samba (downloadable track)
SBA-BlueTango   Blue Tango (download only)
SBA-Blue-water   Blue Water Bay
SBA-brazil   Brazil (download only)
BT-brazil   Brazil (downloadable)
BT-breakmystride   Break My Stride (downloadable)
SBA-browneyed   Brown Eyed Girl (download only)
BT-Browneyed   Brown Eyed Girl (Downloadable)
SBA-Brownskin   Brown Skin Girl (download only)
BT-Buffalo   Buffalo Solider (downloadable)
SBA-burger   Burger Boogie (download only)
SBA-cachita   Cachita (download only)
JPT-cachitaG   Cachita (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-Cachita   Cachita (downloadable)
SBA-calypsodreaming   Calypso Dreaming (download only)
SBA-canthelpfalling   Can't Help Falling in Love with You (download only)
BT-canthelp   Cant Help Falling in Love (downloadable)
SBA-caravan   Caravan (download only)
BT-caravan   Caravan (Downloadable)
CD-Dreaming   Caribbean Dreaming CD (download)
SBA-carolfunk   Carol of the Funk (download only)
SBA-ChaCha   Cha Cha for Pan (download only)
BT-chaforpan   Cha Cha for Pan (downloadable)
PAB-chasing   Chasing Summer (10 original Pan tunes) by Aaron Cote
PAB-chasingdown   Chasing Summer (10 original Pan tunes) by Aaron Cote (download)
PABD-christmasdown   Christmas book downloadable version
PABD-hymnsforjumbiepan   Classic Hymns for the Jumbie Pan (download only)
SBA-colours   Colours Again (download only)
BT-comebackliza   Come Back Liza (downloadable)
SBA-Comebackliza   Come Back Liza/Linstead Market (download only)
BT-comeinfrom   Come in from the Rain (downloadable)
BT-comemonday   Come Monday (downloadable)
SBA-comfort   Comfort and Joy (download only)
JPT-compadrejuanG   Compadre Juan (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-compadre   Compadre Juan (Downloadable)
SBA-conga   Conga (download)
BT-conga   Conga (downloadable)
SBA-conventional   Conventional Wisdom (download lonly)
SBA-coolwaters   Cool Waters (download only)
SBA-copa   Copacabana (download only)
BT-copa   Copacabana (downloadable)
SBA-coralreef   Coral Reef (download only)
JPT-coralreefG   Coral Reef (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-coralreef   Coral Reef (downloadable)
BT-couldyoubeloved   Could You Be Loved (downloadable)
BT-daniel   Daniel (downloadable)
SBA-deckthehalls   Deck the Halls (download only)
PAB-dedications   Dedications by Aaron Cote (download only)
SBA-delightfully   Delightfully Imperfect (download only)
BT-delightfully   Delightfully Imperfect (downloadable)
SBA-Deserted   Deserted Island (download only)
BT-dinnertimechacha   Dinnertime Cha Cha (downloadable)
BT-disfeeling   Dis' Feeling Nice (downloable)
SBA-do-you-hear   Do You Hear What I Hear? (download only)
SBA-dontworry   Don' Worry Be Happy (download only)
SBA-dontstop   Don't Stop Believin (download only)
SBA-Downunder   Down Under (download only)
SBA-dreadlock   Dreadlock Holiday (download only)
BT-dreadlock   Dreadlock Holiday (downloadable)
BT-early   Early at the Market (downloadable)
SBA-ElCumb   El Cumbanchero (download only)
BT-elcum   El Cumbanchero (downloadable)
SBA-Eleanor   Eleanor Rigby (download only)
ent-tip   Enterainment tip
ent   Entertainment services
BT-estero   Estero Morning (downloadable)
SBA-Everlasting   Everlasting God (download only)
SBA-everybodyloves   Everybody Loves a Saturday Night (download only)
JPT-everybodyloves   Everybody Loves a Saturday Night (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-everybodyloves   Everybody Loves a Saturday Night (downloadable)
BT-everywhere   Everywhere Capypso (downloadable)
SBA-Evil-ways   Evil Ways (download only)
BT-evilways   Evil Ways (downloadable)
SBA-extraspin   Extra Spin Cycle (download only)
SBA-extraspincycle   Extra Spin Cycle (download only)
SBA-feliz   Feliz Navidad (download only)
BT-feliz   Feliz Navidad (downloadable)
BT-fins   Fins (downloadable)
SBA-frosty   Frosty the Snowman (download only)
SBA-get-it-while   Get it While It's Hot (download only)
SBA-Gotell-it   Go Tell It (download only)
BT-godblessamerica   God Bless America (downable)
SBA-God-Bless   God Bless America (download only)
JPT-greatisthefaithfulnessG   Great is They Faithfulness (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-greatisthy   Great is Thy Faithfulness (downloadable)
CD-greatest-   Greatest Hits (download)
CD-greatest   Greatest Hits CD
SBA-greatnessmedley   Greatness Medley (download only)
SBA-greensleeves   Greensleeves
SBA-Guantan   Guantanamera (download only)
BT-guantan   Guantanamera (downloadable track)
JPT-guantanameraG   Guantanamera (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-hallelujah   Hallelujah Chorus (download only)
SBA-happy   Happy
BT-harlemnoct-   Harlem Nocturne (downloadable)
SBA-Have-Yourself   Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (download only)
SBA-helpmemakeit   Help Me Make it Through the Night (download only)
BT-herecomesthesun   Here Comes the Sun (downloadable)
SBA-hollyjolly   Holly Jolly Christmas (download only)
BT-holyholyholy   Holy Holy Holy (downloadable track)
JPT-holyholyholyG   Holy Holy Holy (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-homefortheholidays   Home for the Holidays/White Christmas (download only)
SBA-homeontherange   Home on the Range (download only)
BT-hot   Hot Hot Hot (downloadable)
BT-hothothot   Hot Hot Hot (downloadable)
SBA-Hot   Hot, Hot, Hot (download only)
SBA-Hotel-CA   Hotel California (download only)
BT-howdeep   How Deep is Your Love (downloadable)
SBA-HowGreat   How Great Thou Art/Great is Thy Faithfulness (download only)
SBA-Clearly   I Can See Clearly Now (download only)
BT-icanseeclearly   I Can See Clearly Now (downloadable)
SBA-followjesus   I Have Decided to Follow Jesus (download only)
JPT-ihavedecidedG-   I Have Decided to Follow Jesus (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-ihavedecided   I Have Decided to Follow Jesus (downloadable)
BT-ijustcalled   I Just Called to Say I Love You (downloadable)
SBA-cantwait   I Just Can't Wait to be King (download only)
SBA-ISHot   I Shot the Sheriff (download only)
BT-ishot   I Shot the Sheriff (downloadable)
SBA-istillcall   I Still Call Australia Home (download only)
BT-iwantyouback   I Want You Back
SBA-iwantyouback   I Want You Back (download only)
BT-wontlastaday   I Won't Last a Day Without You (downloadable)
SBA-illbehome   I'll Be Home For Christmas (download only)
BT-illbethere   I'll Be There (downloadable)
BT-ivegotpeace   I've got Peace Like a River (downloadable)
SBA-ikoiko   Iko Iko (download only)
BT-imagine   Imagine (downloadable)
BT-isthislove   Is This Love (downloadable)
SBA-Isl-break   Island Breakdown (download only)
CD-isgroove   Island Groove CD (download)
JPT-islandhoppingg   Island Hopping (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-islandhopping   Island Hopping (downloadable)
SBA-islandsun   Island in the Sun (download only)
JPT-islandinthesunG   Island in the Sun (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
BT-islandinthesun   Island in the Sun (downloadable)
SBA-islandjump   Island Jump (download only)
JPT-islandjumpG   Island Jump (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-Islandonmymind   Island on my Mind (download only)
PABD-islandtunesjumbiepan   Island Tunes for the Jumbie Pan (download only)
SBA-itiswell   It is Well (download only)
BT-itiswell   It is Well With My Soul (downloadable track)
JPT-itiswellG   It is Well With My Soul (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-itsbeginningtolook   It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (download only)
BT-itsbeginning   It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (downloadable)
SBA-itstoolate   It's Too Late (download only)
BT-itstoolate   It's Too Late (downloadable)
JPT-jamaicaG   Jamaica Farewell (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-jamaican   Jamaican Farewell (download only)
BT-Jamaicanfarewell   Jamaican Farewell (downloadable)
Bt-jamento   Jamento (downloadable)
SBA-jamm   Jammin' (download only)
BT-Jeananddinah   Jean and Dinah
SBA-Jesusrock   Jesus is a Rock (download only)
SBA-jesuslovesme   Jesus Loves Me (download only)
JPT-jesuslovesmeG   Jesus Loves Me (downloadable track) for jumbie pan
SBA-jinglerock   Jingle Bell Rock (download only)

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Copyright ©  Tropical Shores Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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